– Tell us briefly about Vessel Insight  

– Vessel Insight is a cost-effective solution for ship owners and operators who want to start their digital journey. The solution allows them to extract quality data from the ships, which they must have in order to use value-added software and applications to analyse and improve operations. For example, it allows them to monitor and optimise fuel consumption and equipment repair, plan bunkering, do automatic reporting and much more.

– Why did you create this product? 

– Because data and software provide insight into what needs to be done to make ships and the fleet safer, more efficient and sustainable. Many operators are already collecting data, so the next step is to connect the ships and make sure the data is structured so that it may be used in applications and software. Vessel Insight gives maritime sector customers the ability to connect ships, stream quality data to the cloud, and access applications to extract value from the data. In other words, the solution ensures that customers are both digital-ready and can extract value from day one.

– What have been the biggest challenges so far? 

– Demand for Vessel Insight has been strong. Now it is important to make the delivery and implementation process even smoother, so that we can get our customers up and using the solution as quickly as possible.


Kongsberg Digital - Vessel Insight