– What can hydrogen do for shipping? 

– Shipping is one of the most important transport modes for people and goods, and new regulations require zero emissions for international shipping. Hydrogen will be the main ingredient in virtually all new fuels that can meet zero emissions, either as hydrogen directly or as the raw material in ammonia, synthetic products, and so on. Hydrogen technology is here already, and with increasing volumes, the price will become competitive.

– Why are you doing this? 

– We have strong expertise in shipbuilding in Norway, and the hydrogen community is strong. Nel works closely with Hexagon and PowerCell through the company HYON to develop hydrogen technology for ships, and we see a great interest in these solutions. Norway has comparative advantages for becoming a leading hydrogen nation, with the largest and most complete fleet, a maritime cluster with broad hydrogen expertise, and hydrogen companies throughout the value chain including production, distribution, storage and bunkering.

Norway has comparative advantages for becoming a leading hydrogen nation.

Jon André Løkke, CEO, NEL ASA

– What have the biggest challenges been so far? 

– We have prioritised developing compact and modular solutions that can easily be integrated on ships of different types and operating profiles. One challenge in being a pioneer is that regulations have not yet been developed. We are therefore in close contact with class societies and yards. The next step is to get the shipping companies and shipyards to use hydrogen on a large scale. To do this you have to cooperate with the industry and the authorities. We are working together with stakeholders who can ensure the availability of hydrogen at a competitive price, since customers want green shipping, and hydrogen is an essential part of the solution.