The goal of the Paris Agreement is to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. The UN Climate Panel gives us ten years to halve greenhouse gas emissions and believes they must be reduced to zero by 2050. If we are to succeed in slowing down the effect, we must adapt quickly.

In the spring of 2020, Norwegian shipowners took action by adopting four ambitious climate goals, set out in the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association’s climate strategy. The four goals entail that members will cut their climate emissions by 50 per cent per unit transported by 2030, measured against 2008. From 2030, Norwegian shipping companies will only order ships based on zero-emission technology. From 2050, the Norwegian fleet will be climate neutral. The strategy also entails an international ban on non-climate neutral fuels from 2050.

From 2050, the Norwegian fleet will be climate neutral.

– Norwegian shipping is at the forefront of setting high ambitions for the development of new and profitable green technology, says Harald Solberg, CEO of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association.

– We have high ambitions, also in areas that currently do not have commercially available technological solutions. We believe that ambitious goals will help accelerate a necessary development. This means that the entire industry, in collaboration with the authorities, both nationally and internationally, must get involved in developing new solutions, he continues.

Norway commands a unique maritime competence through its complete maritime cluster. We see business opportunities in taking the lead in the large-scale development of new solutions that both we, and the world, require. This will reduce global warming and provide cleaner air, healthier oceans and a basis for exporting new solutions. In this way, we can contribute to a better environment, at the same time as we create new green jobs along the entire coast.

– We need new technologies and new sustainable solutions, and development must take place quickly, says Solberg.

– We can both reach the world’s climate goals, and realize business opportunities for the shipping nation Norway. We have already accomplished a lot, and now we want to do even more, he says.