Early in 2022, OHT will take delivery of their first heavy lift crane installation vessel, Alfa Lift, the world’s largest and most efficient custom-built vessel for installing offshore wind foundations. This will be followed by the recently ordered specialist jack-up installation vessel designed to install the future generations of wind turbines.

The company, which with its five heavy transport vessels mainly has transported enormous oil and gas-related installations, will now be able to both transport and install the next generation of wind turbines.

Our goal is to become a leading renewable player for the transportation and installation og offshore wind foundations and turbines.

Torgeir E. Ramstad, CEO of OHT

– We view the offshore wind market as one of the few markets with very long-term and predictable growth. There are ambitious plans at both national and EU level. Many other regions around the world are also coming at full speed. Our goal is to become a leading renewable player for the transportation and installation of offshore wind foundations and turbines. We are building new vessels, ready for the next generation of turbines and foundations”, says CEO of OHT, Torgeir E. Ramstad.

Even though the company’s entry into turbine installation has only been known for a short while, customers are already lining up.

– There has been a tremendous response. We have already received several requests for wind turbine installation projects for these vessels. We also have customers who want to discuss capacity reservations well into the future. This is only the beginning of the adventure, Ramstad says.

In 2022 OHT will take delivery of the largest and most innovative, custom-built offshore wind foundation installation vessel in the world. Alfa Lift will feature a 3,000 ton main crane, a 10,000+ m² smart deck, capable of carrying and installing up to 14 XL monopiles or 12 jackets per voyage, and will be able to fully submerge the main deck to a depth of 15 m. The vessel may also be used for transport, installation or decommissioning of topside and subsea modules.

OHT have also ordered one firm unit of Gusto MSC NG-14000XL-G self-propelled jack-ups with a second conditional order.

The vessel will be amongst the largest self-propelled jack-up installation vessel in the world. Designed specifically to transport and install the next generations of offshore wind turbines and XL monopile foundations, to the highest environmental standards.

Vind 1 will be capable of installing wind turbine components in water depths of >65m, to a height of up to 182m above the sea and will feature a telescopic leg-encircling crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 2,500 tonnes in retracted mode – 124m above the deck, and 1,250 tonnes in extended mode – 156m above the deck.

The vessels have been prepared for fuel cells powered by hydrogen to be installed to cut emissions even further when such technology becomes available. The first unit will be delivered in Q2 2023.