Viking Energy is owned and operated by Eidesvik and has been on contract with Equinor for 17 years. The ship has transported supplies to Equinor’s facilities, and will continue to do so after becoming emission-free.

The project will retrofit Viking Energy with a large, 2 MW fuel cell powered by green ammonia. The new energy system will enable the ship to sail on clean fuel for up to 3,000 hours annually.

The project will thus demonstrate that longer voyages with zero emissions are possible for larger ships with a large power requirement. The goal is also to verify that a large fuel cell can supply all the electrical power needed to the ship systems on board in a safe and efficient way.

This is the first time that an ammonia-powered fuel cell has been installed on a vessel. A significant part of the project will consist of up scaling a 100 kilowatt fuel cell to 2 megawatts. The fuel cell itself will first be tested on land in a parallel project, where Prototech is responsible for development and construction. The testing will be performed at the Catapult Sustainable Energy Centre in Stord.

Wärtsilä will supply the ammonia system on board Viking Energy, with installation planned for completion by the end of 2023.

Several years have passed since Eidesvik first installed propulsion systems based on natural gas (LNG). The company has recently invested in battery packs for a number of its ships, and today seven of Eidesvik’s 13 wholly owned ships have some form of hybrid power solution.