Digitalisation in the maritime industry is about using technology to ensure efficient operations, reduce costs, enhance safety and create new services and markets. If we as a nation take the lead in developing new digital technology, we can at the same time create value and jobs.

Standards, digital cleansing and efficient reporting

A number of digital solutions and products are under development in the Norwegian maritime industry today.

In particular, three areas can contribute to the realization of a paperless maritime industry:

  • Requirements for standards
  • Regulations developed for a digital world
  • Systems for efficient digital reporting

The maritime industry is internationally regulated with many requirements for documentation and reporting that today must be done manually by the crew on board. The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association believes that the authorities should demand international standards adapted to a digital world.

A «digital cleanse» of regulations should also be carried out to remove requirements that documentation must be kept on paper, and to ensure effective digital reporting routines.

Autonomy and new transport systems

Norway is today a world leader in research and development for autonomous ships, with several strong regional environments. We also have particular transport challenges that are well suited for autonomous ships.

The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association encourages continued investment in autonomy by creating designated test arenas made available to companies and research environments.

The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association encourages the authorities to:

  • Make use of experience and expertise from the industry, including in the coming task of mapping digitalisation in the maritime industry
  • Establish a working committee to review requirements for new standards in the maritime industry with participation from different sectors in the industry
  • Carry out a «digital cleanse» of regulations currently requiring documentation to be kept on paper on board
  • Expand assessment ofexperience and knowledge with digital reporting systems from other areas of business
  • Assist the industry inreducing risk through testing of new solutions in full scale
  • Facilitate research and development of autonomous ships in Norway
  • Help to ensure that the IMO’s work on automating administrative tasks such as reporting becomes a reality
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7. Competence

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