Shipping companies participate in all phases of petroleum activity, from initial seismic surveys and exploration, to production and decommissioning. Offshore service shipping companies also see opportunities in the offshore wind market, where Norwegian shipowners have a clear advantage with their existing expertise.

The Norwegian offshore fleet has a high proportion of vessels for transporting supplies and equipment to and from offshore installations. The North Sea and especially the Norwegian continental shelf are the most important markets for the Norwegian offshore industry and comprise a very important arena for securing a basis for the international competitiveness of offshore companies. They also have a significant presence on other countries’ continental shelves.  Norwegian Shipowners’ Association members control more than 50 mobile offshore units and a large offshore fleet consisting of almost 500 vessels.

Countries of particular interest for offshore service and rig companies

Norway and the UK continue to be countries of particular interest for Norwegian offshore service companies and rig companies. This clearly shows the importance of the North Sea market for these companies. Nearly 60 per cent of shipowners in both segments state Norway as the most important country. This is a decrease from last year’s survey, where Norway had a share of over 70 per cent.

For offshore service shipping companies, the United Kingdom is still the second most important country, while among rig companies, Brazil follows Norway as the most important country.