In this year’s survey, 42 percent of shipowners state that they plan to order new ships or rigs over the next five years. Companies estimate that they will order a total of 135 ships over the next five years. The transport segments (deep sea and short sea) in particular report the largest proportion of shipping companies stating their intention to place orders. Deep sea accounts for almost half of estimated orders over the next five years.

We also see a great need and a strong desire for fleet renewal in short sea shipping. The potential for testing new climate and environmental technology is great in short sea shipping, with shorter distances and more frequent calls than ships in deep sea and offshore service. The average age of ships among the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association’s members in short sea shipping is 20 years. Two out of three short sea shipowners plan to order new vessels over the next five years. This means that the potential for renewal in short sea is significant, and that the average age of short sea vessels will be reduced. The corresponding figure is three out of ten for offshore service shipping companies, and just over half of all deep sea shipping companies. No rig companies plan to build new rigs in the next five years.

Deep sea shipowners expect to order 63 new vessels, followed by offshore service shipping companies with 44 vessels, and short sea shipowners with 24 vessels.

Norwegian shipping companies are very important for Norwegian shipyards and the supplier industry. Ordering new ships will mean improving the order book for both Norwegian shipyards and equipment suppliers in the maritime cluster. About one in four shipping companies consider Norwegian shipyards to be relevant for construction of their vessels.

Among short sea shipowners, none consider Norwegian shipyards as relevant. This is a marked decline since 2019, when about half of shipowners considered Norwegian shipyards to be relevant. This is probably due to the fact that several shipowners that have tried to find solutions with Norwegian shipyards view the price level as too high to be justifiable. Among offshore service shipping companies and passenger shipowners, about half consider Norwegian shipyards to be relevant. This too is a decline from previously.

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