The downturn in 2020 has led to a significant decline in activity in a number of segments. With the exception of short sea, all segments have placed employees on leave. The offshore and passenger segments in particular have seen a significant proportion of shipowners forced to lay off employees. All passenger shipowners state that they have laid off employees. One of three offshore service and rig companies state the same. The transport segment (deep sea and short sea), reports few employees placed on leave. Only four per cent of deep sea shipowners have laid off employees, and none of the short sea shipowners. 

In total, respondents to the survey report that close to 3,000 people have been laid off in shipping companies. The passenger ship segment in particular has laid off a high number of employees. Layoffs among passenger shipowners make up over 80 per cent of the total. Offshore also reports a high number of layoffs. As of January, almost 350 people have been laid off in rig companies, with about 200 laid off in offshore service during the same period.

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